Self priming pumps

Varisco Logo Gruppo JS Self priming pumps are designed for applications where the priming is necessary or there is a suction head required. Although there are lot of different benefits for different applications in the features of self priming pumps, the primary benefit is the suction head. Leo engineering Services L.L.C has stocked up a reasonable amount of the most commonly selling Varisco pumps in UAE. We do have ex-stock of the bareshaft pumps right from 1.5″ going all the way up to 12″, which can be assembled with a diesel engine or an electric motor according to the clients requirement. Below are a few applications where the Varisco J series self priming pumps have proved to be reliable – Transfers •  Clean, dirty, containing sand in suspension, muddy, neutral, alkaline, acidic liquids; low viscous petroleum products, solvents even if dirty; milk of lime, caustic soda; washing, cooling, recirculation, smoke scrubbing   Treatment •  Pumping polluted, hot or corrosive waste water containing sand, mud or solids in suspension; dosing neutralising liquids; pumping out settled sludge   Naval • Loading and unloading; bilge pumping; washing, fire-fighting, stripping, sanitary duty and circulation • Agriculture: surface irrigation; liquid manure oxygenation; transfer and spraying liquid manure or fertilisers; distribution of liquid animal feed; transfer of must; washing.   CIVIL ENGINEERING • Drainage of excavations, canals or ponds • Ground water dewatering with drains •Water supply from wells or canals •Washing concrete castings and aggregate • Recirculation of bentonite and drilling mud. SAFETY • Drainage after flooding or terrential rains • Emergency duty: temporary sewage pumping; fire fighting; recovery of dangerous liquids.

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