LEO ENGINEERING SERVICES L.L.C | Sewerage bypass pumping

Sewerage bypass pumping

From planned sewage bypass projects to emergency response efforts, LEO Engineering Services LLC has a broad selection of small to extremely large pumps that can handle the specific suspended solid characteristics of waste water. With a fleet consisting of pumps capable of handling spherical solids of upto 4.5 inch and submersible/surface raw sewerage pumps with capacities of upto 3600 cubic meters per hour – per pump, We are pretty much well equipped to handle peak hours and heavy flows of raw sewerage.

We also do have our own stock of HDPE pipes of different sizes and our own butt fusion welding machines, which takes care of the temporary discharge line. Our vast experience in bypass operations makes us a reliable in terms of a technically advanced and an organized pumping operation. After all LEO does stand for LOYAL, EFFICIENT & ORGANIZED.

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