Leo Engineering Services L.L.C.

has evolved from humble beginnings since 1996 and today caters to the various demands of the construction sector in the UAE and the wider MENA region. We are a professional engineering, contracting and trading firm based in Dubai, with a workshop and ware housing facility in Dubai Industrial City (D.I.C). We are actively involved in Rental and trading of various kinds of Industrial Pump sand accessories, and services related to rental, trading & after- sales service of pump sand pumping accessories.

Leo Engineering Services L.L.C. is committed to achieve total customer satisfaction and reliability by providing the best quality of equipment and services within the shortest time-frame and the most cost -effective solutions within the industry.

We deal (rent, sales and after-sales service)in all kinds of pumps for various industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Food & Agriculture, Sewerage (Over-pumping), Directional Drilling, Piling, Civil Construction, Electro-mechanical works, Facility Management, etc. and for different applications such as Bentonite slurry, Sludge, Bilge, sandy sea-water, Sewage, ground water, treated sewage effluent, waste water, storm water, chilled water, sweet water (ponds, lakes & rivers), etc.

We provide emergency raw sewage over pumping solutions, including laying and installation of HDPE discharge lines. With our highly durable sewage pumps we have a total pumping capacity of up to 20,000 m3/hr. We have HDPE pipelines up to 630mm diameter.

We sell all the accessories associated with the Pump industry such as suction hoses, discharge hoses, fittings, customized fittings, etc. We also make customized manifolds; floats; and several flanges to suit the client’s requirements.

We sell submersible drainage, slurry and sewage pumps under our own name, Leo Pumps. These are mostly used by contractors who want an economical solution for temporary pumping requirements.

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